Starter Kit Fujikura

Starter Kit Fujikura
Plage de mesure
0 to 0.02...12 bar
Type de pression
Gauge, vacuum, differential
Type de sortie
Digital, Analogue
Précision [%]
0.5 FS
Plage de temp. [C°]
0 to +85
Compensation de température
Type de montage
Prise de pression
Prise de pression
Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power
Description du produit

The Fujikura pressure sensor Starter kit is composed of an Arduino Nano board, a PCB, up to 4 Fujikura AG4 sensors and C-Code. The Sensors are soldered on to the PCB, which in turn can easily be attached to the Arduino board. The multiple code versions provided with the kit allow a quick understanding of the communication with Fujikura sensors. The manual allows for the kit to be installed easily and quickly.