Incremental, singleturn, optical
Type d'Axe
Axes Ø [mm]
6, 6.35
Résolution [impulsions] incrémentaux
Ø Boiter [mm]
Tension d'alimentation [V]
Incremental Signals
Single output, Differential
Plage de temp. [°C]
-40 to 100 (-25 for CPR 2000+)
US Digital
Description du produit

The S5 series optical shaft encoder is a non-contacting rotary to digital converter. Useful for position feedback or manual interface, the encoder converts real-time shaft angle, speed, and direction into TTL-compatible quadrature outputs with or without index. The encoder utilizes a mylar disk, metal shaft and bushing, LED light source, and monolithic electronics. It operates from a single +5VDC supply. Three shaft torque versions are available. The standard torque version has a sleeve bushing lubricated with a viscous motion control gel to provide torque and feel that is ideal for front panel human interface applications. The no torque added option has a sleeve bushing and a low viscosity lubricant (that does not intentionally add torque) for low RPM applications where a small amount of torque is acceptable. The ball bearing version uses miniature precision ball bearings that are suitable for high speed and ultra low torque applications. A secure connection to the S5 series encoder is made through a 5-pin (single-ended version) or 10-pin (differential version) finger-latching connector (sold separately). The mating connectors are available from US Digital with several cable options and lengths. For differential version: the internal differential line driver (26C31) can source and sink 20mA at TTL levels. The recommended receiver is industry standard 26C32. Maximum noise immunity is achieved when the differential receiver is terminated with a 150 ? resistor in series with a .0047 ?F capacitor placed across each differential pair. The capacitor simply conserves power; otherwise power consumption would increase by approximately 20mA per pair, or 60mA for 3 pairs.

Avec Sin/Cos supplémentaire à 360° pour la détection de la position initiale

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