From Motion to MEMS Innovation: 27th July 2023

Unveiling the Power of MEMS Sensors in Mobility & Industrial Markets

Join us as we dive into the world of internal sensing and the remarkable advancements it brings to the automotive and industrial sectors.

Technology continues to evolve, we find ourselves constantly enhancing existing solutions to tackle previous limitations. The significance of internal sensing in the automotive and industrial markets has doubtlessly skyrocketed to meet the demands of modern-day needs. That's where Murata MEMS Sensors come into play!

In this webinar, learn about:

  • Resolving challenges with MEMS sensors in Automotive & Industrial context
  • How Murata MEMS technology helps resolve these challenges
  • Actual use cases in Automotive & Industrial markets
  • How to accelerate the adoption of MEMS technology into your design


Yuki Fujii, Product Manager (Sensor) Murata,

Divyaraj Shetty, Murata Electronics (India) Private Limited


Tommi VILENIUS, Senior Manager, Business Development Murata FI

Yuichiro Tanaka, Product Manager, Product Management

Pressure sensoring
Advantages and disadvantages of digitization and signal processing in the signal path

New RoboteQ controller - 4th Generation (RoboG4™)
With Klaus Rost & Daniel Vogler from Angst+Pfister and Experts from RoboteQ

Design session registration
Benefits of using BeFAST for SiC Characterization