Pressure sensors that are 10 times more accurate:

an accuracy of 0.1% FSS and outstanding long-term stability with low pressure sensors!

Would higher accuracy in your application provide added value? Then you should take a closer look at these new pressure sensors! Due to the low-noise ADC and integrated DPS, outstanding accuracy and long-term stability are achieved using innovative algorithms, digital filters and smart temperature compensation.

They are 10 times better compared to commercially available circuit-board-compatible pressure sensors. For example: 0.1% FSS Total Error Band (including offset, span, hysteresis and thermal errors) with a measuring range of 125 Pa!

This is interesting for many applications, especially for HVAC, medical technology and high-precision measurement technology.

Would this outstanding accuracy in your application provide added value? Then come to our virtual round table at Sensor + Test and ask your technical questions directly in conversation with the developer of the new high-precision sensor technology.

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