Improved Sensors for Position – Current – Smart


NvE's new ALT023 sensor can accurately measure fields from a few microtesla to 1 millitesla (10 Oe). The differential bipolar output with a very low power supply allows operation in a wide industrial temperature range between -40 °C and +125 °C.   With 20kOhm resistance and a bandwidth of 300kHz, lower power consumption is enabled while still offering high sensitivity of 200mV/V/mT in a linearity of less than 1% of full scale. The ALT023 is suitable for non-contact sensor applications such as position detection for mechatronics, robotics and geomagnetic navigation.

Strom I

NVE's new ACT001 isolated TMR current sensor  is a highly sensitive, analog inline TMR current sensor for AC or DC measurements in the range of ±500 mA. The part is housed in an ultra-miniature package with an integrated current-band design that avoids external field effects. A Wheatstone bridge configuration provides a bipolar differential output proportional to the current through the band.  Like many MR sensors from NVE, this product is also supplied in a 2.5 x 2.5mm small housing that can be operated in a temperature range of -40 to +150°C.

Strom II

Murata announces a TMR-based series of "open type coreless" current sensors in SMD design for the summer. The SOIC-16 package offers an insulation voltage of 4.8kV with a creepage distance of > 8mm. With a response time of 0.5μs  (BWint 1MHz), currents (DC and AC)  can be non-invasive up to 25A or 25A respectively.  40A interference field compensated.  The bandwidth (Bwint) between 100kHz and 1 MHz can be set with an external capacitance via the filter pin. With the help of derating, the current sensor can be operated by up to 105°C.


NVE's line of μProcessor-based smart magnetometers has been expanded with the SM223 – a highly sensitive version of the popular SM228 TMR magnetometer that offers lower noise than Hall-effect sensors and in-plane sensitivity. All SM Series magnetometers are factory calibrated to enable precise analog field measurements. The new product features an I²C interface and programmable digital threshold output and can be used for proximity sensing, cylinder positioning, or security and intrusion detection. The Smart series also  offers an integrated temperature sensor. For future applications and the reduction of data effort, future family members will become more flexible and then also offer the possibility of evaluation or sensor identification.

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