High-precision temperature sensors with extremely low power consumption and very high resolution

Outstanding accuracy of 0.1°C, a very low-noise signal with a resolution superior to 0.0001°C and virtually perfect long-term stability and repeatability – these are the incredible features of the Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power (APSP) temperature sensors of the SMT172 series.

The output signal can be connected directly to a micro-controller to perform both analog and digital evaluations with little effort. This special output signal also enables high-precision measurements over long lines without an additional driver stage or compensation for the line length. Owing to this outstanding performance, the sensors have been used extensively by renowned manufacturers of professional measurement technology for years. The sensors based on CMOS technology are also suitable as a replacement for expensive PT100 and PT1000 solutions and are superior to other technologies such as temperature-dependent resistors in many applications. Due to the extremely power-saving ultra-low power design, the sensors are also ideal for portable, battery-operated devices. The SMT172 series is available in various housing types such as TO18, TO92, TO220, SIOC-8 and SOP223 as well as others on request. Test the APSP temperature sensors (formerly Smartec temperature sensors) and discover their outstanding performance for yourself. 

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