Measuring range
-1...0 / 0 to 0.35...1000 Bar
Pressure type
Gauge, vacuum, absolute
Supply voltage
5VDC / 12...30VDC
Output signal
4...20 mA; 0...10 VDC, 0/1...5 VDC; 0.5...4.5 VDC ratiometrisch
Accuracy [%]
0.5 FS
Temp. range [°C]
-30 to 105
Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power
Product description

The PEWA100 pressure transmitter series can be used in a multitude of applications due to the wide variety of configurations. The standard ouptuts allow for the sensor to be easily implemented in any installation, which then in turn is much easier to maintain. Each sensor is individually calibrated, temperature compensated and tested for accuracy.

With the PEWA100, Pewatron is launching a new series of pressure transmitters with an incredibly versatile range of applications. The sensors can be configured for a broad spectrum...

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