Measuring range
0 to 0.25...12 bar
Pressure type
Gauge, vacuum
Output type
Accuracy [%]
0.5 FS
Supply voltage [V]
3, 3.3, 5
Temp. range [C°]
-40 to +107
Temperature compensation
Mounting style
Pressure port
Axial port
Product description

High precision wide temperature compensated and calibrated amplified piezoresistive pressure sensor.

High accuracy 0.5%FS on request available!

Easy to mount package.


AG403-001MG, AG406-001MG, AG406-025KG, AG406-050KG, AG406-100KG, AG406-200KG, AG406-300KG, AG406-700KG, AG413-001MG, AG413-100KG, AG413-500KG, AG416-001MG, AG416-025KG, AG416-050KG, AG416-050KG, AG416-050KV, AG416-100KG, AG416-100KV, AG416-500KG, AG426-025KG

PEWATRON launched the new digital A4 series of gauge pressure sensors from Fujikura. The A series is compatible in footprint and pin configuration with the highly successful F and...

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Perfect choice for high volume HVAC applications

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There are a large number of applications for which most commercial piezo-resistive MEMS pressure sensors are not suitable. Pneumatic applications are a prime example. Pneumatics...

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Almost no offset drift year on year

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For a quick setup of the AG2, AP2, AG3, AP3, AG4, AP4 and AL4 series

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The world is becoming more interconnected, while devices become smaller, more compact and more efficient. Fujikura is jumping on board this trend with the AT7 pressure sensor...

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