Optical Head
Supply volatge [V]
Temp. range [°C]
-25 to +100
US Digital
Product description

The EM2 is a transmissive optical encoder module designed to offer 2x or 4x higher resolution than the EM1 encoder module. This module is designed to detect rotary position when used with a US Digital encoder disk. The EM2 consists of a lensed LED source and a monolithic detector IC enclosed in a small polymer package that is identical to the EM1. The EM2 uses phased array detector technology to provide superior performance and greater tolerances over traditional aperture mask type encoders. The EM2 provides digital A & B quadrature outputs with a third output index channel. Each EM2 module is resolution specific and is matched to the resolution of a encoder disk. The EM2 operates with a single 5V supply and provides single ended outputs which are capable of both sinking and sourcing 5mA. An internal 0.1 uF decoupling capacitor is designed into the EM2 to provide enhanced noise immunity. For open collector and higher voltage applications, add the PC3 cable driver, or for differential cable driver outputs, add the PC4 cable driver. Encoder disks, quadrature decoder chips, counter chips, computer interface boards, mating connectors and cables are also available.

Now with 4 times the resolution: 2000 to 5000 cycles per revolution

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Popular transmissive optical technology

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