VQ548MP & MP-7217: ATEX certified methane gas sensor with low power consumption

Pewatron has released the new MEMS Pellistor gas sensor series MP for high volume production. The MP series from SGX Sensortech is a low power consumption series of products – designed for use in battery operated devices and optimized for a methane response of up to 5% volume in air (100% when operated in thermal conductivity mode). The sensor and the enclosure fulfill ATEX/IECEX requirements for use in mining and other applications, where safety is high priority e.g. in the petrochemical industry.

The gas sensing element is a two-chip system with one sensing and one compensating catalytic structure each deposited on a heater on a silicon chip. By the use of MEMS technologies, the power required to heat the sensing and compensating layers is only 120mW in average, which is unsurpassed by any other technology for catalytic gas sensing.

MEMS products –micro electrochemical systems - are being recognized as the key future platform for the sensor technology, gas sensing being one of many potential application areas. MEMS bring key parameters in focus such as cost, power and ease of integration into a manageable frame and pave the road forward for innovative new products.

Standard measurement range is 0…5% volume methane in air. A special type, which is operated in the thermal conductivity mode, has the capability of measuring up to 100% volume methane in air. The packaged sensor element MP-7217 has a small footprint (Ø14.4x6.7mm), and can alternatively be built into a standard catalytic bead housing (VQ548MP; Ø20x20.9mm) for full compatibility with standard catalytic bead products (VQ548 series). Another unique feature of the MEMS catalytic bead gas sensor in comparison with a standard catalytic bead sensor, is the high resistance towards mechanical shocks, because of the use of MEMS technologies.