URH_P-6WR3: Enhanced isolation, ultra-wide input range

The new DC/DC power supply module

PEWATRON is launching a new DC/DC power supply module with enhanced 6000 VDC isolation. The series boasts an output of 6W and an extremely wide input voltage range of 9–36 VDC and 18–75 VDC. Comprehensive voltage protection features guarantee outstanding reliability, making it ideal for use in the medical sector. These include input under-voltage protection, output over-voltage and short circuit protection, as well as overload protection.

The URH_P-6WR3 series is widely used in energy storage systems, thanks to its low standby power consumption. When not in use, the DC/DC converters consume as little as 0.12 W, which saves energy and increases system endurance. When up and running, they deliver up to 85% efficiency across the full load range and can withstand temperatures of between -40°C and +85°C.

The new DC/DC power supply modules come in a compact case made from black flame-retardant and heat-resistant plastic, with a DIP footprint and an isolated, regulated single output. The series also features an international standard pin-out and complies with the European and US standards EN60601-1/UL60601-1, which ensure the safety, performance and compatibility of electrical medical devices.

Product details