The PEWA100 series of pressure transmitters is cost effective, can be delivered quickly and is available with a wide range of options

With the PEWA100, Pewatron is launching a new series of pressure transmitters with an incredibly versatile range of applications. The sensors can be configured for a broad spectrum of pressure ranges as well as for relative pressure, absolute pressure and vacuums. Furthermore, they are affordable and available starting from just one unit. The electronics emit standardised voltage and current signals. The sensors are delivered in a fully calibrated and temperature-compensated state. The sensor is integrated in a compact stainless-steel housing that can be ordered with a wide range of electrical interfaces and process connections. The integrated sensor element is an oil-filled, media-separated measuring cell that is suitable for most process media. Every sensor is fully tested to ensure a high quality standard. The series complies with IP65 and can also be made available with the ignition protection type “intrinsically safe” on request. With these versatile attributes, the sensors are suitable for an incredibly wide range of applications. You can find them in process controls, water pipe systems or even in pneumatic and hydraulic applications, for example. 

Product details