Strong price/performance ratio: Japanese quality and highly automated production

Sensors + Flex Print + electronics: complete sensor assembly from a single source

Pewatron not only offers a wide range of pressure sensors – we can also support or even completely manage the development and production of entire electronic assemblies. Thanks to our partners in Asia, we have access to experienced development engineers, the latest technology and the necessary production capacities. 

As an example, our partner Fujikura produces the complete assembly group pictured below for one of our customers in the field of medical technology. A decisive advantage for the customer is that the production of the sensor as well as the Flex Print (FPC) and the fitting of the assemblies takes place in the same factory. This provides the customer with a fully tested, calibrated sensor assembly from a single source. Along with the undisputed outstanding Japanese quality, this is the basis for zero failures in the assemblies delivered over 1 million times during the past 10 years (across all versions). 

This depth of production combined with the latest technologies (sensor + Flex) is unique the world over among pressure sensor manufacturers and already pays off during the development and prototype phase. The customer has only one contact person for sensor, Flex Print and assembly. This is especially worthwhile during the final test in which the assembly has to be professionally tested under different pressures. A typical assembly often reaches its limits when building a pressure test bench or lacks the necessary expertise in pressure sensor technology – which is often underestimated. In the end, the customer has to carry out the final test himself as well as maintain it over its entire lifetime. This is not the case with an experienced pressure sensor manufacturer, something that our customers greatly appreciate. 

Quality pays off: although production is carried out in Japan with its high costs, the final price is extremely competitive. The reason for the strong price/performance ratio lies in the fully automated production processes designed for high volumes and the unsurpassed quality with virtually 0% defective goods in series production. This quality pays off twice and is even noticeable in the customer’s further production steps. 

Reduce your production costs by increasing the quality of your sensor assembly. It’s worth it – and not just economically: you also save a lot of time and nerves!

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