SMD pressure sensors for medical technology and pneumatics

With a linearised output signal – proven a million times over

The smallest pressure sensor from Fujikura has “dream dimensions” of 7 x 7 x 6.5 mm, is named the FGM (XFGM for the amplified version) and can be delivered with a measuring range of 0 - 140 mbar up to 10 bar in various subranges.

The least expensive FGM model has a Wheatstone bridge which delivers a non-compensated output signal of approximately 100 mV when fed with a constant current of 1.5 mA. With the most convenient version, the XFGM, there is an ASIC directly on the silicon, which provides a compensated and linearised output signal of 0.2 - 4.7 VDC when fed with a constant supply voltage of 5 VDC. It can therefore be processed directly with an A/D converter. The accuracy of the amplified sensor is 2.5% at 0 - 85°C – and from the summer of 2013, the same sensor will also be available with an accuracy of 1.5%.

Before the sensors leave the factory in Japan, each one is tested for functionality and for its parameters, which guarantees that customers will not have any unpleasant surprises after installation.

Due to their high quality, as well as their competitive price and compatibility with media that can be gaseous and even liquid (but not aggressive media), these sensors are frequently used in medical technology and pneumatics applications.

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