RAZC super compact Hall effect current sensor

For automotive, drive systems or where price, size and speed matter

The RAZC range of Hall effect based current sensors are ideally suited for DC and complex AC current measurement. The compact size and light weight allows for direct placement on PCB connectors or where space is of a premium.
The RAZC series of current sensors, with a measurement range of 250A are available with a customized calibrated transfer function or as a standard version that makes use of external calibration to optimize costs all on a tiny 10mm footprint.
Having a frequency response of up to 260kHz (350KHz for the custom RAZCH high speed model) and an operating temperature range of -40 to +125  (RAZCH) the RAZC range of products can be used in demanding applications such as automotive, drive systems or where price, size and speed matter.
With the flexible nature of the RAZC design a custom made current sensor can be easily tailored to meet the design requirements of a specific application. The variable parameters include maximum measured current, temperature range, linearity, speed, core size and supply voltage (down to 3V).  Pewatron with offices in Germany and Switzerland can support you in choosing the optimal product.

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