PO2ES-103P: Lead free, RoHS conform, long life-expectancy, fully CO2 resistant electrochemical sensor for industrial and medical applications

The PO2ES-103P electrochemical sensor is a rugged oxygen gas sensor intended for use in industrial and medical applications. The sensor is lead free and is RoHS conform, which is certainly a benefit for new product developments, but is also an argument for replacement of lead based sensor in old product lines.

In typical medical applications, such as respiratory or continuous positive airway pressure (cpap) therapy in homecare use, normal electrochemical sensors suffer on lifetime due to the high oxygen exposition over time, the high gas flow rates and the presence of CO2. The PO2ES-103P lead-free sensor does not have these restrictions. The sensor has an expected operating life of more than 1.200.000 %O2-hours and no cross-sensitivity at all to CO2.

Most industrial requirements on oxygen sensors call for low-drift baseline, signal stability and immunity against acidic gases like CO2, CO, NO and H2S. The PO2ES-103P has been developed to meet these requirements with a stable zero baseline below 2000 ppm, excellent signal stability over the whole lifetime of the sensor and immunity to acidic gases. In addition the sensor has a fast response < 10 seconds (T90) and can be operated in short periods at temperatures close to 50°C.

In addition to the lead free PO2ES-103P, acidic gas resistant oxygen sensor, Pewatron also offers H2S electrochemical sensors developed for biogas applications and in the same mechanical design as the PO2ES-103P sensor (M16 thread and 3-pin Molex output connector). The oxygen sensor can thus be used to regulate and monitor the oxygen needed to remove the H2S gas content from the biogas. The H2S gas sensors can be used to control the output from the process in various stages of the biogas production from fermentation stage and to the gas scrubbing stages.

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