PG-03: Robust EC oxygen transmitter for process control applications

Pewatron has developed an oxygen transmitter, where the oxygen sensor can be screw mounted in process chambers and process installations. The ease of mounting, together with an industrial standard output signal, make the PG-03 transmitter a preferred solution for process control of oxygen levels in ppm or in % concentration levels. The heart of the PG-03 oxygen transmitter is the PO2ES-103P electrochemical oxygen sensor.

The PG-03 transmitter is a fully integrated solution with a low-noise amplification circuit that translates the mV signal from the sensor into a 4…20 mA standard output signal. The accuracy of the transmitter follows the accuracy of the sensor element itself. The 4-pole cable from the transmitter box can easily be connected to a central power supply and the 4…20 mA output signal can easily be fed into a central PLC unit or a display.

Process control or controlled atmosphere applications are growing in importance. In some cases the background gases can be different from normal atmospheric gases, for instance hydrocarbon or hydrosulfide based gas atmospheres. This makes oxygen sensing with zirconia based sensors difficult, because they tend to react with these type of gases and thereby degrade or deliver false signals. The PO2ES-103P is an excellent choice of sensor for oxygen sensing in aggressive or high hydrocarbon gas atmospheres. The output signal due to oxygen remain very stable in such environments and it is reliable measuring the oxygen concentration. This is important for process control applications, where sometimes the processes are for many hours or even days. The PO2ES-103P is also selected on basis of the zero offset < 1.500 ppm O2 and very stable. The 4 mA output is equal to 0 ppm O2 and very stable, because of the selection.

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