NMP650/1K2 series, 650 W/1200 W

Mean Well power supplies from Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power are the heart of your applications

Intelligent modular power supply for the medical sector

As the population ages, medical care in residential homes, hospitals and at home is constantly improving. This includes an increasing amount of new electronic devices: a market which will continue developing strongly in the future. In addition, the Covid pandemic has shown us once again how important reliable and safe power supplies are.

For this reason, Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power is steadily expanding its range of power supply solutions for the medical sector. Throughout this development process, Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power always collaborates with manufacturers who are global leaders in this industry – for example, Mean Well, whose specialisms include medical-standard power supply units. Mean Well has launched an innovative modular power supply range which is particularly compact and features various intelligent control functions – the NMP650/1K2 series. 

Thanks to the independent sockets for 4 or 7 parallel-operation output modules with an ultra-wide output voltage range, users can precisely configure the output voltage, current and power according to their application. The NMP series is equipped with intelligent control functions such as the remote function for switching on and off, overheating warning and DC-OK signal, making it ideal for remote control and monitoring applications. 

The fan speed is automatically adjusted via the internal temperature detection function to protect the device against overheating. The miniaturised design with 1 HU (1 rack unit) elevates the power density. The NMP devices fulfil the medical safety regulation 60601-1, and the circuitry design complies with the IT industry regulations (62368-1).

Some key data:

  • 2 x MOPP buffer stage for patient protection, suitable for BF applications
  • Programmable output voltage and current
  • Parallel function / remote on/off; overheating alarm; DC OK
  • Protection: short circuit / overload / excess voltage / overheating
  • Five-year guarantee

Product details