New oxygen module - low-cost and compact


Oxygen can be measured with the aid of various physical processes. The Fujikura oxygen sensor is a zirconium dioxide solid electrolyte sensor which employs the current limitation principle. In contrast to conventional solid electrolyte sensors, no reference gas is required. This advantage makes it possible to measure oxygen concentration simply and economically. Measurement ranges of 0…25 and 95% are available with an accuracy of 1% F.S. Additional advantages of the Fujikura cells are a wide range of application up to a gas temperature of 250°C, pressure independence and a low maintenance requirement. The robust sensors guarantee a long service life.

The FCX-ML low-cost oxygen module from PEWATRON is the right choice where space is restricted and a low-maintenance solution is required. The module is extremely compact with dimensions of 75 x 40 mm. The supply voltage range of 7…28 VDC is very broad, and the logarithmic output signal is 4...20 mA. The sensor is available in two designs, either located on the board in a flow-through casing or offset with a cable for diffusion applications.

Typical uses are in medical, bio- and food technology as well as in personal security. The module is also suitable for uses in mobile applications due to its compact dimensions and low power consumption of <3 watts.

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