MiCS MOS: Easy air quality sensing MEMS based gas sensors from SGX Sensortech

Makes air quality monitoring in the car, home, workplace or environment hassle free

Pewatron launches the new air quality gas sensors from SGX Sensortech. The MEMS based MiCS MOS sensors simplify the process of detecting gasses that impact air quality. Using innovative metal oxide semiconductor chemistry (MOS) supported by a micro-electromechanical structure (MEMS), the core sensing technology provides a fast response to changes in the levels of a wide range of gasses including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, ozone and VOC.  The technology which has been produced in high volumes and to rigorous quality control by SGX for more than 10 years is well established in the automotive industry where it is linked with car HVAC systems to control air intakes.

The sensor program includes following sensors:

  • MiCS-2614, ozone gas sensor (10…1000 ppb)
  • MiCS-5524, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compound (VOC) gas sensor (0…500ppm)
  • MiCS-2714, nitrogen dioxide gas sensor(50 ppb to 10 ppm)
  • MiCS-4514, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide dual gas sensor (1…1000 ppm/50…5000 ppb)
  • MiCS-5914, ammonia gas sensor(1…300 ppm)
  • MiCS-6814, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ammonia triple gas sensor (1…1000 ppm/50…5000 ppb/1…300 ppm)

In order for easy testing of the different models, Pewatron offers a MiCS quick start demo board. It allows the user to test the MiCS MOS gas sensors within minutes after opening the box. The MiCS quick start board can use any input power supply from 7V to 15 V. Any of the 6 sensors in the program can be individually tested by placing the sensor into the universal onboard IC socket, and by setting the 5 jumpers according to the diagram the circuit is configured for immediate testing of the sensor.

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