KKD34-701 capacitive ceramic pressure sensor

For extremely low measurement ranges

This new capacitive pressure sensor handles measurements in the range of 0 - 60 mbar and can be trimmed electronically to 0 - 12 mbar.

In addition to this measurement range, it is also possible to make corrections to account for effects arising during assembly by means of an integrated interface. Parameterisation is accomplished with a Windows-compatible, menu-driven kit.

The largest range – both absolute and relative measurements are possible – is 0 - 20 bar, and this can be reduced to <10:1.

Various voltage and current output signals can be selected. The KKD34-701 has a diameter of 34 mm. The standard membrane is 96% Al2O3 and can also be delivered at 99.9% for oxygen applications up to 1 mbar, for instance. Depending on the temperature or other requirements, the sensors are available with various O-rings.

Thanks to its robust properties, this sensor is well suited for hydrostatic level measurements and for aggressive media such as acids and alkaline solutions.



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