Ideal for smart cable current measurements: the SW65-6-605-F series current sensors

Customisable current sensors at a reasonable price


Pewatron presents the new SW65-6-605-F series current sensors. These modern sensors are best suited for applications in public spaces, such as measuring electricity consumption at electric charging stations using smart cables. The new sensor type is characterised by its high electrical insulation and the non-inflammability of the materials used. It also impresses with its excellent value for money.

The SW65-6-605-F series feed-through current sensors comply with the EU RoHS Directive and can be used at a frequency range of 50-60 Hz and an operating temperature of –25°C to around 80°C. In a typical MID-certified smart cable application, the UL94-V0 compliant sensors physically measure the current flowing through the electrical cable to determine consumption, and evaluation is carried out by means of the electronics housed in the charging cable. The customer is charged directly for the electricity consumption via mobile communication, with consumption billed according to the end customer's mobile electricity contract. 

On request, Pewatron can also offer its customers customised versions of this sensor type, which are adapted to the requirements of the particular application and allow for various modifications. In most cases, Pewatron is not only responsible for the pre-financing of such adjustments but also sees to the complete shipping logistics. This means that customers can benefit from the possibility of receiving the sensors precisely in time for when they are needed for a specific application. 

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