Free sample campaign for the AL4 Fujikura differential pressure sensor series

An unbeatable price-performance ratio in the measurement range of 10 mbar to 100 mbar

The Fujikura AL4 series has been on the market for over two years and been included in the design for numerous applications. Due to the renowned high quality and the outstanding price-performance ratio, the sensor is very popular in medical technology and HVAC applications.

The digital AL4 series is a double-chip system comprising a piezoresistive sensor chip with a very high maximum load pressure of 100 kPa and a signal-processing ASIC chip that enables digital processing and communication via the I2C protocol. The digital low-pressure sensors of the AL4 series follow the successful launch of the analogue high-precision pressure sensors of the A2 series and the digital high-precision pressure sensors of the A4 series.

The heart of the ASIC chip is a 14-bit AD converter that has an equivalent sensitivity of up to 0.15 Pa as a 2 kPA full-scale sensor. Six slave address codes can be assigned to the pressure sensor for individual communication with the microcontroller master. The pressure sensors are delivered in the high-quality packaging typically used by Fujikura, in tray or tape-and-reel as specified by the customer.

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