E4T – the compact miniature optical encoder of US Digital with a resolution of up to 1000 cycles per revolution

With its combination of compact shape and resolutions of up to 1000 cycles per revolution (CPR), the E4T is ideal for medical applications and others, such as door controls, in which a limited space requirement is an important factor and reliable information about position and speed is essential. With the reduced dimensions of its housing, the encoder is ideal for small NEMA 8 format motors. The housing height is up to 40% lower than other comparable solutions available in the market.

Thanks to the proprietary OPTO-ASIC technology from US Digital, the E4T supports speeds of up to 60,000 revolutions per minute with excellent repeatability. The encoder is available with asymmetrical or differential signal output. It also stands out with its simple and secure push-on disk that allows quick, easy and reliable installation, whilst keeping assembly costs and complexity to a minimum.

Regardless of whether it concerns portable devices or diagnostic laboratory equipment, medical applications now need to be made ever smaller and lighter, without compromising on functionality.

Its small, compact housing and different resolutions mean that the E4T is uniquely positioned to meet these demands – whilst offering excellent value for money and outstanding reliability compared with alternative motion control solutions. 

Product features

  • 12 resolutions, 100 up to 1000 cycles per revolution (CPR)
  • Rotation speed up to 60,000 rpm, depending on the resolution
  • Single-ended or differential output
  • Compact shape
  • Housing outer diameter: 22 mm
    Housing height: 11.68 mm
    Suitable for NEMA 8, 11, 14 and 17 format motors
  • Quick and easy assembly
    Four-part design
    Push-on disk (without screws), patent pending
  • Output frequency: 100 kilohertz

Product details