Digital isolators and VDE0884-17

NVE’s industry leading isolators with integrated DC-to-DC converters have always had the smallest packages plus best-in-class regulation and ripple. Now they are even more feature-rich with soft start to facilitate power sequencing such as allowing control electronics to start before the bus is powered.

Just two external bypass capacitors are required for the DC-to-DC convertors. No additional regulation and no ferrite beads for EMI mitigation are needed dur to frequency hopping and integrated shielding. 

One millivolt peak-to-peak ripple on the DC-to-DC convertor outputs is an order of magnitude less than conventional parts and means low noise and reliable systems. Versions are available with either 3.3-to-3.3 volt integrated DC-to-DC convertors or 3.3-to-5 volt integrated boost convertors. 250 milliwatt integrated DC-to-DC convertors provide enough current for plenty of bus nodes or external circuitry.

The transceivers are rated at a best-in-class 40 megabits per second and the couplers are rated at a full 110 megabits per second for speed, transmission distance, and signal fidelity. A unique ceramic/polymer composite isolation barrier provides the industry's best barrier resistance and virtually unlimited life. The transceivers are rated at a full 2.5 kVrms, and the data couplers at a remarkable 4 kVrms. All parts are UL1577 registered and certified under the stringent new VDE 0884-17 standard.

The parts are packaged in a JEDEC-standard 16-pin wide-body package with true eight-millimeter creepage in accordance with IEC60601. Various two-, three-, and four-channel data couplers are available for a variety of applications. The transceivers are available as half- or full-duplex with either a 3.3-to-3.3 volt DC-to-DC convertor or 3.3-to-5 volt boost convertor for five-volt RS-485 or RS-422 busses.

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