CRH02 highest performance MEMS gyroscope for fibre-optic gyro replacement

Outstanding stability and low noise make the CRH02  a viable and more affordable alternative to fibre-optic gyros (FOG) and dynamically tuned gyros (DTG).

The performance is achieved by a new MEMS ring design in Silicon Sensing’s latest VSG3Qmax technology, a result of 15 years design evolution. The technology uses a ring resonance effect combined with precision discrete electronics. Additional outputs enable the gyros’ temperature and resonant frequency to be used for accurate temperature compensation.

The CRH02 family covers large measurement range from 400 down to 25°/s, enabling applications such as north finding, direction pointing, drilling guidance, ship stabilization, platform stabilization, track monitoring, autonomous vehicles and robotics

A variant, model CRS39, in the same technology but with temperature range up to 110°C has been developed specifically to be inserted into a tube for down-hole drilling 

Key features: 

  • FOG like performance
  • Lowest range 25°/s up to 400°/s
  • Low noise
  • Low bias instability of 0.12°/hr in range 100°/s
  • Excellent angular random walk 0.017°/?hr
  • High shock and vibration immunity
  • Small size 35x35x25mm

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