Certified oxygen 0…100 Vol% gas sensor for medical applications – RoHS compliant and long operational lifetime

Critical measurements made safe

Safe and reliable measurement of gases used in various respiratory treatments is mandatory for obvious reasons and the guidelines are described in details in the DIN EN ISO 80601-2-55 norm. In this newsletter, we introduce the relatively new MLF-16 0…100 % O2 gas sensor that is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 80601-2-55 norm on interfering gases and can be used in respiratory gas monitors.

The MLF-16 oxygen sensor has a nominal sensor life of 2.000.000 Vol% O2 hours, which is record breaking among all oxygen sensor based on liquid electrolytes. The MLF-16 is lead-free and RoHS compatible and is therefore to be considered for new designs for future respirator gas monitoring devices, but can also be directly used for existing devices. 

The output signal from the MLF-16 oxygen sensor is analog (mV) and linear between 0 and 100 Vol% O2. The signal drift is very low (< 0.1%/month of signal) and responds fast to changes in the oxygen concentration. The output signal is passively temperature compensated up 50°C, which is the upper temperature for short time operation. 

The MLF-16 oxygen sensor has no interference to other gases used in respiratory gas monitors. 

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