AP4 and AG4: Tailored, high-precision digital MEMS pressure sensors from Fujikura

PEWATRON launched the new digital A4 series of gauge pressure sensors from Fujikura. The A series is compatible in footprint and pin configuration with the highly successful F and X series, but with higher total accuracy (+/-1.5%) and a wider compensated temperature range (0-85°C).

The digital A4 series is a two-chip system consisting of a MEMS sensor chip and an ASIC signal-conditioning chip, which allows digital signal conditioning and communication via the I2C protocol. It follows the successful introduction of the analogue, high precision A2 series.

Pressure sensing using MEMS sensor chips was the first big commercial success of the MEMS technology on Silicon wafers. Along the 30 year of history for this type of products, the sensing chip has been developed to be able to measure anything from very low pressure and to pressures higher than 10 bars. And, this with a very high precision, long-term stability and stability towards media.

At the heart of the ASIC is a 14-bit ADC, which has the equivalent sensitivity of 7 Pa/LSB for a 100 kPa full-scale sensor under optimal conditions. Six slave address codes can be assigned to the pressure sensor for individual communication with the microcontroller master. The pressure sensors are delivered in the usual high quality Fujikura packages comprising tray, tape and reel and stick, according to customer specification.

The standard measurement ranges between 0 and 250 mbar and 0 and 12 bar; non-standard ranges are possible on request. The pressure range is configurable as positive, negative or bidirectional gauge, and the supply voltage is configurable at 3.0, 3.3 or 5.0 VDC.

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