AP3 and AG3 for blood pressure monitoring

Tailored, high-precision MEMS pressure sensors from Fujikura

PEWATRON launched the new A3 series of gauge pressure sensors from Fujikura. The AG3 and AP3 series are compatible in footprint and pin configuration with the highly successful F and X series, but with better total accuracy performance (< +/-1.5%) and a very low noise output.

The analog AG3 & AP3 series is a two-chip system consisting of a MEMS sensor chip and a signal-conditioning chip. The signal conditioning IC does not have A/D and D/A converter steps in the gain amplifier, and the amplification is designed with a very low noise output. As a unique function, the AG3 and AP3 also have single point pressure threshold detection. Analog output from the pressure measurement and a threshold voltage are supplied to an internal comparator that compares the two voltages. The digital output isa comparison results.

One very popular application of the AG3 and AP3 series is for high-end non-invasive blood pressure (NiBP) monitoring devices, where the low noise amplification gives a huge benefit across the whole range of measured blood pressures. With proper filtering the peak to peak noise is well below 0.02 mmHg.

Another application of growing importance is the single point pressure threshold detection option. This function allows the design of very small and cheap pressure switches and activates a switch or detects activity. This is very important for applications with space restrictions or for small, lightweight constructions where pressure is monitored.

The standard measurement ranges between 0 and 250 mbar and 0 and 12 bar; non-standard ranges are possible on request. The pressure range is configurable as positive, negative or bidirectional gauge, and the supply voltage is configurable at 3.0, 3.3 or 5.0 VDC. The pressure sensors are delivered in the usual high quality Fujikura packages comprising tray, tape and reel and stick, according to customer’s specification.

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