Angst+Pfister takes over the Smartec temperature and pressure sensor business

Angst+Pfister AG, of Zürich, Switzerland, a leading supplier of mechanical and electronic components for the industrial and medical OEM markets, announces the acquisition of the temperature and pressure sensor business of Smartec BV.

Smartec BV, based in Breda, the Netherlands, is a developer and manufacturer of high-precision, semiconductor-based temperature and pressure sensors – also for industrial and medical OEM applications. After having been successful for 35 years in sensor technology, Rolf de Boer, Smartec’s owner and CEO, has decided to take his well-deserved retirement and sold the business to Angst+Pfister.

Angst+Pfister will continue Smartec operations within its subsidiary Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power (formerly Pewatron). The Smartec development team will be integrated into Angst+Pfister’s Dutch subsidiary: Angst+Pfister BV.

“I am very happy to have found a partner in the Angst+Pfister Group, which knows Smartec’s business very well and will continue and expand it with appropriate investment,” says Mr. De Boer.

“With the acquisition of Smartec’s products and the engineering team, we are expanding our product portfolio – and in particular our development expertise in the field of semiconductor-based sensor technology. We look forward to exciting discussions with our customers on the application of highly accurate, innovative, semiconductor-based temperature sensors and we are confident to expand the business with cutting-edge technology,” says Thomas Röttinger, CEO of Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power AG.

Geert van den Bosch, managing director of Angst+Pfister BV, extends a warm welcome to the Smartec development team. “We will work closely with our new colleagues to advance the subject of sensor, power and drive solutions.”

About Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power (APSP)

For over 35 years, APSP (formerly Pewatron AG and GmbH), based in Zürich and Unterschleissheim (Germany), has been offering high-quality and – at the same time – competitively priced sensor, power and drive solutions for OEM customers in the fields of industry, medicine, transport and more.

About Smartec BV

Smartec BV is a developer and manufacturer of high-precision, semiconductor-based temperature and pressure sensors for OEM customers in the fields of industry, laboratory technology, medicine and others, established in 1987. The SMT172 series in particular impresses with a repeatability that is unique for such temperature sensors.

From left to right: Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power AG: Thomas Röttinger, CEO; Smartec BV: Rolf de Boer, CEO; Angst+Pfister BV: Geert van den Bosch, Managing Director