Air quality sensing with MiCS-VZ-87 USB demo kit from SGX Sensortech

Easy and fast demonstration kit for air quality monitoring applications

Pewatron launches the new intelligent air quality sensing USB demo kit for the MiCS-VZ-87 gas sensor module from SGX Sensortech. The MiCS-VZ-87 air quality module from SGX Sensortech makes the process of detecting VOCs simple. Using innovative metal oxide semiconductor chemistry supported by a micro-electromechanical structure (MEMS), the core sensing technology provides a fast response to changes in the levels of a wide range of VOCs and hence air quality.  The technology has been produced in high volumes and to rigorous quality control by SGX for more than 10 years. It is already well established in the automotive industry where it is linked with car air conditioning systems to control air intake. The USB demo kit provide an easy interface and handling of the MiCS-VZ-87 for fast and easy demonstration usefulness of the MiCS-VZ-87 module for indoor air quality monitoring applications. The kit allows the readout of a MiCS-VZ-87 module in order to display measurements of the calculated CO2 equivalent and VOC values. The device can perform continuous exposure monitoring and data logging of raw sensor signal, CO2 equivalence (measure based on VOC correlated with CO2), VOC, temperature and humidity in environmental conditions for solution developers or people interested in air quality monitoring.

The MiCS-VZ-87 sensing module is ideal for the following applications;

  • Occupancy detection to reduce energy costs by the intelligent control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Vehicle cabin air quality
  • Bathroom and kitchen fan control
  • Air cleaners and purifiers
  • Aroma VOC detection in controlled environments

The MiCS-VZ-87 USB demo kit is a developer’s application kit, allowing the user the test the usefulness of the metal oxide semiconductor gas sensing technology for all type of applications involving VOCs.  SGX Sensortech offer standard solutions based on the metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor technology for volume demands, and also solutions customised to specific applications or customer specification, signal processing requirements and volume demands.

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