982R: Differential OEM low pressure transmitter

Monitoring of gaseous, non-aggressive media with full flexibility in mounting and positioning.

There is growing demand for solutions for energy efficiency and management directly at the end consumer, not only to save energy and thus avoid waste, but also to enable a more cost-efficient use of energy 24 hours a day.

Applications such as building automation, air conditioning systems and controlled atmosphere room monitoring require continuous measurement of pressure in order to function correctly. Constant monitoring of components such as fans, filters, gate valves, etc., which have a direct influence on flow and pressure, is best performed by means of pressure or differential pressure measurement.

Beck GmbH has developed the 982R differential OEM pressure transmitter to monitor pressure of gaseous, non-aggressive media. It is capable of measuring small differential pressures below 100 Pa and the self-compensating measurement cell enables its installation in any position. It is highly stable against humidity, shock and vibration.

The measurement of differential, gauge and vacuum pressures ranges from 0-100 Pa up to 250 kPa. Temperature changes are compensated internally. At between 0°C and 50°C, the temperature error of the short circuit-proof 0-10 V linearised output signal is less than 1% FS. The response time can be set at fast or slow: a slow response is useful in suppressing brief pressure peaks that can otherwise damage the transducer.

The 982R pressure transmitter has additional benefits for the user. The high end of the pressure range can be switched to 50% of the full-scale value at the push of a button. An offset zero calibration is also set via a push button and measurement of volume flow (via differential pressure) is set by a jumper.

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