Fujikura is a traditional Japanese company that was founded in 1885. The first products were copper cables - at that time a high-tech product. In its 130-year history Fujikura has developed more and more into a technological conglomerate. Today, with more than 50,000 employees, Fujikura is one of the world's leading manufacturers and drivers of innovation in many areas such as fiber optic transmission, flexible printed circuits (FPC), cable harnesses for the automotive industry and submarine cables.

Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power works primarily with the Sensor Division, which was founded in 1982. The decision to develop its own pressure sensor for monitoring cables (leak testing) has proven to be spot on. The resulting products, with their high accuracy, robustness, stability and quality, are now indispensable in many medical and industrial applications.

The close cooperation and partnership between Fujikura and Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power has now existed for over 30 years. The combination of Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power's engineering and application knowledge and Fujikura's development and manufacturing expertise has resulted in countless successful product innovations over the years. Together with a large medical technology customer, for example, the AG3-/AP3 series has been developed, which is used for high-precision non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP) and is a unique product on the market. Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power and Fujikura have proven over the last decades that cooperation between Japanese and Swiss can work very well and is successful. The great trust, long-term planning and extremely high quality standards are only some of the guarantees of success. Despite the combination of two high-priced countries, the products are extremely competitive and have an extremely good price-performance ratio - this can be explained mainly by the optimized processes, highly automated production and the outstanding quality (almost 100% yield in production and no major quality cases in the last 30 years).

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Medical Technology

  • Non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP)
  • TVT pneumatic pumps
  • Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)
  • Dialysis, endoscopy
  • Sleep apnea therapy devices (CPAP devices)
  • Spirometers
  • Oxygen concentrators

Other applications

  • Pneumatics
  • Pressure switches
  • Pressure regulatosr
  • HVAC applications
  • Level measurement
  • Vacuum applications
  • Battery pressure monitoring
  • Coffee makers


Fujikura A series (AG2, AP2, AG4, AP4): good media compatibility thanks to special construction

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Fujikura A series (AG2, AP2, AG4, AP4)

Almost no offset drift year on year

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The A series from Fujikura: 1.5%, 1%, 0.5%, FSO, BFSL: it pays to look closely and make a fair comparison.

In 2013, Fujikura launched the new generation of its MEMS pressure sensors, the A series. Based on a 2-chip concept (Sensor Die+ ASIC), the solution quickly proved itself on the market and is now...

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The Fujikura AP3 and AG3 series: high-precision MEMS pressure sensors with an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

The AG3 and AP3 series were developed originally for highly accurate measurement of blood pressure, and have since been installed in professional blood pressure devices in large volumes. Now it has...

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ABS5 from Fujikura: ultra-small waterproof absolute pressure sensor with customer-specific Flex Print

 The new ABS5 from Fujikura is an ultra-small waterproof absolute sensor that was originally developed for diving watches to determine water depth. Thanks to its ultra-small frame and...

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