Wind energy - high efficiency achieved using our components



The utilization of wind energy is constantly gaining in importance around the world. Not only are the wind turbines used for this kept in operation round the clock, they are also exposed to rough conditions because they are located out in the country or at sea. Therefore the sensors which are used to increase the efficiency of energy production of the wind turbines need to be reliable, robust, accurate, and capable of safely coping with severe vibrations and extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Sensors can be used for a variety of applications in wind turbines. Thus for example absolute rotary encoders are used to monitor the position of the rotor blades. The angle of attack of the rotor blades – the so-called pitch – is crucial for the efficiency of a wind turbine. So the position of the rotor blades has to be adjusted according to the wind speed and wind direction.

Again, the rotor speed has to be fully adjustable to match current wind conditions, so that in very strong winds the rotary speed can be restricted or reduced to avoid any mechanical overload. Incremental rotary encoders are used for this required rotary speed monitoring.

To achieve an optimum efficiency of the wind turbines, besides the inclination of the rotor blades and the speed of the rotor, it is also necessary to position the nacelle so as to track the wind direction and keep the nose facing into the wind. Absolute multi-turn rotary encoders are used for this required alignment of rotary direction and position, which is termed azimuth control.

In fact Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power not only offers a wide variety of rotary encoders, but also other electronic components used in wind turbines. For example, current transformers to be used in DC-AC inverters, and differential active probes for generator tests. And Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power also provides sensors for condition-monitoring systems, such as accelerometers and data loggers.

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