Photovoltaic - we supply the ideal components

As a sub-area of solar technology, photovoltaic involves the direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy by means of solar cells for power generation. The photovoltaic market has seen strong growth in recent years.

Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power offers numerous components which are tailored specially to the requirements of photovoltaic plants.

The efficiency of solar plants depends to a large extent on correct positioning of individual solar panels. For inclination and rotary measurement of solar panels, Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power offers the inclinometer T7 and rotary encoder HBA4 by US Digital which, with their networking capability and IP protection class, are optimally equipped for solar plants.

The Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power range also includes the DC-AC inverters TN-1500 and TN-3000 by Mean Well, which are especially suitable for smaller solar plants. These are fitted with a solar charger function, a mains bypass, a USV function, and programming facilities.

Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power's current sensors can be used for overload protection, current metering, and battery charge monitoring.

In addition, Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power offers differential probes for the development, maintenance, and repair of solar plants.

Which components do you require for your photovoltaic application? We will be pleased to work with you to develop tailor-made solutions and to provide you with professional support for your development projects.