Medical technology - reliable components from Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power

The aims of medical technology are diagnostics, therapy, health care, rehabilitation, and improving the quality of life of people. Among other things, medical technology is regarded as including the construction of 3D-models, prostheses, medical computer science, as well as the development of medical therapy and diagnosis devices. It is essential that the components installed in devices such as these are able to withstand the high demands placed on them. A high degree of safety, resistance to external interference, high precision, and compliance with medical standards are just some of the important criteria.

Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power's wide range of products includes components which are particularly suitable for medical applications, such as measuring blood pressure, dialysis, dental hygiene, laboratory applications, and for wheelchairs.

For example, we offer tailor-made pressure sensors with an excellent price/performance ratio. The pressure sensors are small, reliable, and also available with amplifiers. In addition, we supply conductive plastic and Hall effect potentiometers with a high degree of safety, resistance to external interference, and high precision, as well as small displacement sensors. Our range also includes various power supply units which have medical approval, low leakage current, and are safe and reliable. Our motors can be used in motorised patient transporters, for example. They are small, and tailor-made adaptations are possible for mid-range volumes.

Where can our components be installed in your application in the area of medical technology? We will be pleased to provide you with professional advice regarding your development projects.