Measurement and monitoring of fuel cells and batteries

Modern energy sources such as fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries and electrolysers must be tested and operated successfully to ensure reliable operation at all times. This is crucial, especially for the following applications:

  • development and testing of vehicles with fuel-cell or hybrid drive (HEV),
  • stationary applications (e.g. auxiliary and emergency power supply) and
  • monitoring the operation of military applications and electrolysers.

For the multichannel measurement and monitoring of fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries and electrolysers Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power offers a high quality, proven Cell Voltage Monitoring System (CVMS) from SMART Testsolutions GmbH, which is available for 60 cells and for 90 cells. Up to 31 units can be cascaded, allowing data to be acquired  from up to 2,790 cells. The  measurement unit can be directly attached to a fuel cell or integrated into a test bench. The CVM measurement unit can, depending on the number of cells, be powered directly by the fuel cells or supplied externally. Two Windows programs are available for control and visualisation (CVMLIB! and CVMVIEW!). The measurement unit is suitable for mobile and stationary applications and provides reliable measurement results even in tough operating conditions.

New we offer also a MCM-Solution (Multi Channel Modules), which is specially for measuring of cell voltage and cell temperature of fuel cells.

Together with you and our partners we can provide you with competent support for your development projects.