Our solutions for successful condition monitoring

Condition monitoring systems control the overall state of a plant by regularly or permanently measuring and analysing significant physical parameters (vibrations, temperature, position/proximity, etc.). The two most important goals of condition monitoring are increasing safety and plant efficiency. The first goal can be achieved by using the analysed sensor data - in real time if necessary - and integrating a reliable and extremely quick-reacting security system (e.g. emergency shut off). The second goal provides the largest potential for cost savings and is achieved by maximizing the life span of critical machine elements with the help of such systems, and enabling the necessary repair measures to be scheduled in accordance with the production plan.

For this reason, modern condition monitoring systems place the highest requirements on sensors, measurement data acquisition and forwarding, and measurement data processing (analysis, diagnosis), as well as plant-specific knowledge.

Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power offers a wide range of sensors (acceleration sensors, data loggers, etc.), which are suitable for condition monitoring systems. In cooperation with you and our partners, we design customer-specific solutions and provide expert support for you and your condition monitoring system.