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«Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power is an important partner for us. We value both the long-lasting quality of its products and the expert service it provides.»
Peter Stürchler, Management
«Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power is a long-standing and important partner for us.»
Siegfried Räcke, Development
Hermann Sewerin GmbH
«Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power AG caters perfectly to the exacting requirements of our automotive customers thanks to its industry and consulting expertise and exceptional delivery reliability.»
Torsten Bethke, General Manager
micronex GmbH
«Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power is a very important partner for us and has a high technical competence and a broad range of products that meets the needs of our manufacturing company.»
Tihanyi István, General Manager
«Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power is a very important partner for us and has a high technical competence with a broad range of products that meets our needs.»
Theo den Iseger, Manager
Micronorm Electronics BV
«TECSON has been using Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power pressure sensors for five years. Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power never fails to deliver on quality, price and support.»
Th. C. Petersen, General Manager
«We have a good and frank relationship with Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power.»
Sébastien Rouault, Site Director
weControl SA


Angst+Pfister AG, of Zürich, Switzerland, a leading supplier of mechanical and electronic components for the industrial and medical OEM markets, announces the acquisition of the temperature and...

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The potentiometric measuring principle for oxygen sensing has the widest range of concentration ranges among all oxygen sensing technologies – from 10-35 bar O2 and up to 100% O2. The physics may be...

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