Gehäuse Ø [mm]
Versorgungsspannung [V]
Analog, PWM
Wellen Ø [mm]
3, 3.175, 4, 4.76, 5, 6, 6.35
Temp. Bereich [°C]
-40 to 125
US Digital

The MAE3 is an absolute magnetic kit encoder that provides shaft position information over 360° of rotation with no stops or gaps. This magnetic encoder is designed to easily mount to, and dismount from, an existing shaft to provide digital feedback information. The MAE3 is available with an analog or a pulse width modulated (PWM) digital output. Analog output provides an analog voltage that is proportional to the absolute shaft position. Analog output is only available in 10-bit resolution. PWM output provides a pulse width duty cycle that is proportional to the absolute shaft position. PWM output is available in 10-bit and 12-bit resolutions. While the accuracy is the same for both encoders the 12-bit version provides higher resolution. The MAE3 consists of three components: base, push-on magnetic hub, and encoder body. The base will accommodate 0.750'', 1.280'' and 1.812'' mounting bolt circles. No tools are needed for the push-on, collet gripping hub. The hub mounts to a standard shaft in seconds and provides a simple and reliable means of securing the magnet to the shaft. Two 4-40 pan head screws secure the base and encoder body to any flat surface. If desired, the encoder can be powered up and rotated by hand to any desired absolute position before the screws are tightened. Connecting to the MAE3 is simple. The 3-pin, high retention, snap-in 1.25mm pitch polarized connector provides for +5V, output, and ground.