Plug&Play Module
± 0 - 360
Anzahl Achsen
0.3 - 4.7 V
Speisespannung [VDC]
5.5 to 16
Temp. Bereich [°C]
-20 to 70
Bandbreite [Hz]
4 or 8Hz
0.02 % FS
US Digital

The A2T is a single axis, digital gravity angle sensor. The A2T serves as a full 360 range absolute tilt sensing programmable level with either digital or analog output. Internally, a rotary bar coded disk is mounted to a weighted gravity driven wheel. A micro-controller strobes an LED to transfer the bar code image onto an optical linear array, then decodes the position every 2 mSec. Magnetic damping provides fast response and settling time while virtually eliminating overshoot and oscillations. An internal EEPROM stores field programmable parameters such as resolution, zero position, direction swap, and mode. This second generation design virtually eliminates the primary accuracy limitation of first generation inclinometers, which is sitation (hysteresis). The interface of the A2T utilizes our SEI (Serial Encoder Interface) bus (see the SEI page). The SEI bus is a simple, quick, convenient network of devices interfacing to a RS232 serial port. The SEI bus supports from 1 to 15 devices on a single, 6-wire telephone-type cable up to 1000FT long (similar to RS-485). US Digital offers two SEI interfaces: the AD2B adapter for interface to an RS232 port and the SEI-USB for interface to a USB port. One of these products is required in order to interface the A2T to a PC via our SEI bus. The wall-mount PS-12 power supply furnishes the power for all devices on the SEI bus. US digital provides software free of charge for all products which require software for operation. The software comes on a CD with each product shipped or can also be down loaded from US Digital's website here. The software can be used as is or it can serve as an example for creating your own custom application. The absolute encoder software utilizes our SEI Explorer software to configure and communicate with the product from a PC platform. Our absolute encoders may be used in many stand alone applications that do not require a PC interface. For these applications we provide detailed communications protocols for all of our absolute products Typical applications include heavy construction equipment, dredging machinery, mining equipment, solar tracking and warehouse automation.